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PGCE & Teacher Training Guide

PGCE guide
PGCE guide

This PGCE guide has been written by an NQT (newly qualified teacher), explaining the essentials.

Everything you'll need to know if you're interested in doing a PGCE, are already doing a PGCE or just want more information about teacher training is here!

If you'd like to view the government's official website on PGCEs and applying online, click here.

What is a PGCEWhat is a PGCE?
Although it's a postgraduate degree, you can also earn a masters out of it. Continue

Qualifications neededQualifications needed for a PGCE
Although it's a postgraduate degree, you can also earn a masters out of it. Continue

PGCE course durationPGCE course duration
How long the course lasts depends on whether you'd like to do a full or part time course. Continue

PGCE applicationPGCE application process
The PGCE application process can be quite long winded unless you decided to conduct it online. Continue

Bills at universityPGCE subjects
You can choose to qualify in a range of over 25 subjects, with some PGCEs allowing dual qualifications. Continue

MentorsPGCE mentors
When you begin your PGCE, your mentor will act as your role model and tutor. Continue

Masters creditsPGCE masters credits
Some universities now allow PGCE students to complete a partial masters. Continue

Course structurePGCE course structure
Although courses may vary depending on the university you go to, PGCEs follow a basic paradigm. Continue

Loans for PGCE studentsStudent loans for PGCE students
There are a number of loans available for students studying for a PGCE. Continue

Grants and awards for PGCE studentsPGCE grants and awards
Students living in England, Wales and Scotland all have different regulations for grants and awards. Continue

Golden helloGolden hello
Most people are lured by the golden hello, but stay for the kids! How much you get depends on what you teach. Continue

Compare student bank accountsStudent bank account guide
Abbey, HSBC, Barclays, Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland - the choices are endless. We help you compare them. Continue

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