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Personal Statement Layout - A Rough Guide

Most students fail in the layout of their personal statement. Personal statements need to be concise, straight to the point and must interest and engage the reader, as he or she will be reading literally hundreds of personal statements.

First paragraph - Imagine you are reading literally hundreds of personal statements, eventually you are going to get bored so for something to stand out to you it would need an instant hook. That’s what you need to aim for with your personal statement, hook the reader in very quickly.

Qualifications – Remember that your qualifications and predicted grades are already listed on your application form so you don’t need to list them all again, what you do need to do is prove how your qualifications are relevant to your course and you need to talk about specific parts of your subjects that interest you and how they helped you decide on a course to apply to.

The Subject – You really want to prove to the reader that you are suitable for the course you are applying to. Talk about what interests you about the subject, what research you have done about the subject and how the subject is relatable to a any career plans you may have.

Hobbies and other interests - It is of course important to show that you have a personality beyond academia and you can prove this by talking about your hobbies and other interests.

Anything else – Anything that you can write that shows you as an intelligent, well rounded person who would be an asset to a university or college has a place on your personal statement but as said previously make sure it is definitely relevant.

Layout – It is very important that you structure your personal statement in a logical and relevant way. You don’t want to jump randomly from talking about one thing to another and then back again. Organise your content in to paragraphs and be very judgemental about everything you write, considering it’s relevance thoroughly.

Language – It’s been said already but for gods sake check your spelling, grammar etc.

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