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Liverpool Hope university guide

Student guide to: Liverpool Hope university
Location: Liverpool

Liverpool Hope  university ranking
University ranking 2011/12: 0

Student essentials

Males at Liverpool Hope Males: 31%
Females at Liverpool Hope Females: 69%

Cost of a pint at Liverpool Hope Cost of a pint: 2.15
Accommodation costs around  #H1# Accommodation: 65

Liverpool Hope  university review

Katie B
star rating

Well, the new building at FML is all right, but the old building in HCA is too old and bit of dirty.

But all rooms are bit of tiny, especially in the old building, if you have a computer, a hi-fi and a TV, OK, maybe you can just sleep in the narrow corner... and in the old building on floor just have one shower room, so you always can see the long queue in the morning.(but they got so many toilets on the same floor...I really cant understand that...).

After all, the facilities in the room is good, it got internet and telephone connections, also has a wash basin, just like all the university halls. Liverpool is famous for its night life. They got so many pub district in town. Such as concert square, I suggest MODO is a very good pub, but if you like cocktails please go to BARBAR. But Liverpool's city centre is so small, as one of the major city in England, but with a tiny city centre, can you believe that?

OK, if you decide go shopping on Sunday, it will just take you about 2 hours to look around all the shops in town in Liverpool.

But it doesnt matter, take a train or bus to Manchester, it will just take you about 20 mins, shopping there you will feel much better...

Events in the uni are good, they got 70' night, Irish night, international students bring a dish party, etc.

On campus the sports hall and playground are high quality. and the gym in the uni is very cheap, just ?0 per month, and got all kinds of machines and shower room with them.

Liverpool Hope cant let the student who failed in one module of their course to redo all of their major in the other year. In Liverpool University you can failed in 3 modules and carry on to your next level of study...

The English accent in Liverpool is very very heavy, so it will take you a few days to fit it. Actually it is really hard to understand, it sounds strange, I dont think thats formal English... But in class it doesnt matter, the tutors English are very formal.

But if you go to the local pub in Liverpool, mayb you will be totally lost.... Students funds are available in Hope University, also you can apply students finance, just jump in teh stuents finance office, they will help you do the rest of the things.

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  • If Liverpool Hope university is given rank "0", this means there was no university ranking for this institution.
  • The details are correct as to August 1, 2011.
  • Liverpool Hope accommodation costs are specified as cost per week, and are an average cost.